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representing the very best

in contemporary glass

London Glassblowing is proud to represent some of the best of British practicing contemporary glass artists. Hugely talented and constantly pushing the boundaries of glass, our artists master various techniques such as free blowing, casting, fusing, hot sculpting, cutting and polishing, and everything in between. Their work is dynamic and on the cutting edge of contemporary glass in the UK. We are extremely pleased to represent them and their incredible work, while encouraging their artistic careers through our vibrant exhibition programme.

Our 10 resident artists feature heavily in our exhibitions throughout the year, and we have embarked on a Featured Artist programme to spotlight their work in depth. Work by our resident artists is always available and we routinely organise commissions for their work on our collectors’ behalf.

Glass creations from our guest artists are also on display in the gallery, and we often invite them to take part in our exhibition programme. Our guest artists come from all over the world and cover a wide range of disciplines.

If you would like to learn more about a specific artist’s practice, simply click on the image of their work.

Resident and Guest Artists

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