Meet Davide Penso

Davide Penso’s career began working as a photographer, but as a Venetian-born resident of Murano it was inevitable that he was captivated by the world of glass. Since 1992, his primary motivation has been to create beautiful glass jewellery and sculptures, using flame-worked techniques. 

Alongside this, he also runs the Murano Glass Academy, inspiring people to learn the traditional techniques of glass bead making. He has also been lecturing for Boston University's School of Visual Art, Corning Museum Studio in New York and Glass Furnace in Istanbul since 2007. His artwork is collected internationally and he has collaborated with a number of brands including, Venini, Giorgio Vigna, Nason & Moretti and Pelikan.

About The Work

Davide’s Seaweed sculptures are a reflection of over thirty years experience in glass making. As a keen diver, he is inspired by the flow of water. His tranquil and delicate sculptures mimic the movement of seaweed as it floats. The Seaweed components are blown in Murano glass and inserted into a wooden base. David also makes stunning statement jewellery pieces, available in a variety of colours and styles in our Bermondsey Street gallery.