Meet Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson

Since studying together at the Royal College of Art, Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson quickly recognised their potential for collaboration. Their most recent projects, Banyan, Ore, Penumbra and Karman are the result of two leading talents in British glass art coming together to combine their skill and creativity. Hanne and Louis have completed residencies at Museum of Glass, Tacoma, USA, Glazenhuis Museum, Belgium, and Novotny Glass Studio, Czech Republic. Their pieces are in public collections in the USA, Germany, Czech Republic and Sweden.

About The Work

With a shared fascination for the tension between chaos and order, fragility and strength, internal structure and external form, the creation of this work has provided an opportunity for them to crystallise these ideas through large scale, elegant pieces.

“Our intrigue lies in how these intricate and fragile internal structures contradict the calm surface of the glass form that encapsulates this magical and energetic inner world.”

The pieces demand an intuitive, collaborative and performative approach to making, that not only results in an impressively dramatic spectacle, but ultimately in bold beautiful sculptures that embody their passion for this material with integrity and freshness. Real magic occurs when the two artists perfectly execute the seemingly impossible task of placing the strands within the hot glass form; an action-packed process of astounding complexity and skill.