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Anthony Scala

"bending the laws of 3D space..."

 meet anthony scala Image

meet anthony scala

Anthony Scala has worked at London Glassblowing for over 20 years and his unique technical style won him international recognition as early as 2005, when he became the youngest artist ever to win the prestigious Glass Sellers Award at the age of 27.

After completing his training in architectural model making in 1999, Anthony began an apprenticeship at London Glassblowing, where he first discovered an aptitude towards coldworking. Over the following years, Anthony experimented with various glass disciplines, as well as incorporating many unusual materials into his work. However, there is always a strong architectural aesthetic at the root of Anthony’s creations, which he puts down to his architectural background.

‘As an artist, my model making training has proved invaluable, as it has given me a unique perspective from which to approach my work both in hot, and cold glass, not to mention the discipline and patience needed for the sheer time scale many of my projects require’.

About the Work

Optical illusion is at the heart of Anthony’s work. Perception is dependant upon light, angle and distance from an object. ‘Is what we see actually there or is it a trick of the light?’ Take a step in any direction and the perceived image of an object can change. These shifting perceptual qualities have come to dominate Anthony’s work, and are clearly an infinite source of inspiration.

Anthony’s pieces utilise these quirks of perception to their maximum effect through the use of meticulously made refractive components, painstakingly pieced together. The end result being beautifully constructed optical sculptures which seem to bend the laws of three dimensional space.

Over the past fifteen years Anthony’s work has been exhibited extensively throughout the UK. Featured exhibitions include the British Glass Biennale (2004, 2006, 2008, 2012 & 2017), Modern & Contemporary Glass at Bonhams 2009, Remarkable Glass at Contemporary Applied Arts 2010 and Collect at the Saatchi Gallery.

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