For decades, Peter Layton has captivated audiences with his bold, expressive, and painterly glass works. A celebrated veteran in the glass world, Peter's unwavering commitment to the medium has seen his practice evolve over the past 5 decades.

Since establishing the studio on the banks of the Thames nearly half a century ago, Peter has played a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of talent. 

His work stands as a testament to the continuous evolution of glass art, always pushing boundaries and redefining what can be achieved with this versatile medium. One of his iconic series, Spirale, exemplifies his innovative spirit and dedication to his craft.

The latest reimagining of Spirale showcases a symphony of swirling, inky hues that dance within the glass, adding a fresh, contemporary twist to a classic design. Inspired by the theme of 'Glass Heaven' for our upcoming August show, Peter has been encouraged to look skyward for his creations. This celestial influence has infused new life into Spirale, resulting in pieces that not only captivate the eye but also tell a story of exploration and discovery.


By continuously revisiting and refining his work, Peter demonstrates that true artistry is never static, but rather a journey of constant evolution and growth.

By Abi Pooley

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