Glass Heaven: Peter Layton & Tim Rawlinson

2 August - 1 September

This August, London Glassblowing is thrilled to present ‘Glass Heaven’ - a exhibition that brings together two remarkable artists from different eras; Peter Layton and Tim Rawlinson.

For decades, Peter Layton has captivated audiences with his bold, expressive, and painterly glass works. A celebrated veteran in the glass world, Peter’s unwavering commitment to the medium has seen his practice evolve over the past 50 years. Since the studio's humble beginnings on the banks of the Thames nearly half a century ago, Peter has played a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of talent. 


Tim with a fresh and innovative approach, challenges conventional boundaries and offers a refreshing perspective that resonates with the ever-evolving landscape of glass art. His vibrant colourways and illusive compositions are a testament to the exceptional creativity that London Glassblowing continues to foster.


The title 'Glass Heaven' has inspired both artists to look skyward for their creations. Peter has reimagined many iconic series', including his striking Burano collection. His newly developed Aurora pieces evoke the beauty of the northern lights, while Tim has experimented with a more milky, cloud-like finish in his signature Echoes of Light. 

Join us this August as the wisdom of experience meets the unbridled energy of new horizons, to witness the next chapter in the legacy of London Glassblowing.