Planet Earth: An Ode to Our Wonderful World

7 - 30 June

This summer, London Glassblowing presents a captivating exhibition paying homage to the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet and the urgent need to protect it - Planet Earth.

It is our great pleasure to curate this expansive showcase of glass artworks inspired by the wonders of the natural world. Just as Attenborough's groundbreaking documentaries open our eyes to the marvels of Earth's biodiversity, this exhibition aims to create a powerful artistic experience that ignites a deeper appreciation for our planet's magnificence.

Nancy Sutcliffe


Through sculpture, installation, and more, nearly 30 artists will present a poetic ode to the vibrant landscapes, creatures, and ecosystems that make up the rich tapestry of life on Earth. However, some will also sound an environmental call to action through their interpretation of the escalating effects of climate change.

By harnessing the mesmeric qualities of glass, Planet Earth allows you to gain new perspectives and profound connections to the natural world. Immerse yourself in these extraordinary artistic tributes to the wonder and fragility of the only home we know.

Join us at London Glassblowing in celebrating the incomparable splendour while raising awareness of our imperative to safeguard it for future generations. An enlightening and transformative experience awaits in an impressive range of glass techniques.


Exhibitor List
Amanda Simmons    • Anthony Scala  • Bruce Marks  • Cathryn Shilling  •Celia Dowson  • Claire Hall  • Colin Reid  • Deborah Timperley  • Gillies Jones  • James Alexander    • James Devereux  • Jane Reeves  • Kate Pasvol  • Katherine Huskie  • Layne Rowe  • Liam Reeves  • Nancy Sutcliffe  • Nina Casson McGarva • Olga Alianova  • Peter Layton  • Ruth Shelley  • Sabrina Cant  • Sarah Wiberley  • Sila Yücel • Tim Rawlinson


Cathryn Shilling

Verity Pulford