In September 2023 we hosted a solo show of work by our very own Tim Rawlinson. He took a thoughtful, experimental approach to his classic designs and presented them in new and unexpected ways. As always, with Tim’s work, each piece elicits extensive viewing, to explore fully, the changing optical landscapes within the glass.

During a family holiday to Cornwall, Tim visited the Barbara Hepworth exhibition, Art and Life, which led to a reimagining of his ongoing series, Echoes of Light. Drawing from Hepworth’s masterful use of negative space, he developed more organic oval forms. Through his use of highly polished surfaces Tim emphasises the interplay between glass and light, capturing the enchanting dance of light through glass.

His developments included experimenting with reactive pigments and powders, infusing his works with a painterly texture. Inspired by Marc Chagall's stained glass windows in Reims Cathedral and his personal memories of childhood cathedral visits, Tim distorted the powdered glass colours while they are still molten, creating effects reminiscent of marbling techniques. He aptly named this series Vitreum, derived from the Latin word for stained glass, reflecting its original inspiration.

Vitreum Group by Tim Rawlinson

Another World, a six-sided sphere by Tim, pushed the boundaries of perception by presenting spherical forms with mirrored windows that encourage contemplation of the interior versus the exterior. Elements of Maurits Cornelis Escher's style are evident, and the piece's evolution from Other World underscores Tim's progressive artistic journey.

Other World by Tim Rawlinson

Tim's remarkable artworks converge light, glass, and creativity to evoke fascination, pushing the boundaries and inviting contemplation of the ethereal nature of light. His thoughtful research, together with a courageous experimental approach have resulted in a terrific body of work.

Written by Abi Pooley

View Tim Rawlinson's collection of work here

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