London Glassblowing Winter Auction

6 - 12 November

Our annual Silent Auction has always been a highlight of the year, and this winter, we hosted a second one. Our auction is your chance to own a piece of British glassmaking history, a truly unique treasure.


Our Silent Auction offers a unique opportunity to delve into the archives of London Glassblowing, with a carefully curated selection of our glassmaking heritage. Past auctions have included pieces that Peter has held close for reference purposes, or charming development pieces that tell a captivating story.

One of the highlights of our Silent Auction is the inclusion of pieces from Peter's archive. These artworks are a part of Peter's journey as an artist, revealing the evolution of his creative vision. True to his ‘sketching on the blowing iron’ process, some were born as experiments, while others emerged as accidental masterpieces. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the endless possibilities of glass as an art form. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of our Silent Auction is that everything starts from the reserve price – a discounted starting bid. This means that you have the chance to acquire a stunning piece at a remarkably low price. Be prepared for some healthy competition, as these unique pieces tend to attract art enthusiasts from all corners. 

To make your bidding experience even more transparent, the original gallery prices are visible for reference. This way, you can appreciate the true value of these remarkable artworks and see the incredible opportunity our Silent Auction presents.

Here's a selection of Peter's personal favourites from the Winter Auction..


Lot 23

Development Frozen Landscape Medium Wide Stoneform by Peter Layton

This series is a reinterpretation of a cherished development piece Peter made decades ago, during his quest to develop his series, Glacier. This striking stoneform transports the viewer to the awe-inspiring snowscapes seen over arctic Canada.


Lot 57

Soneva Star Collection by Louis Thompson

Originally inspired by the forms of traditional Maldivian lacquer work, each piece from his Soneva collection has a star shaped inclusion embedded in the glass. Encased within, the star is suggestive of something marine like or celestial.


Lot 48

Green Dapple Medium Organic Bottleform by Peter Layton

In Dulwich Park there is a magnificent Turkey Oak Tree, listed as one of the Great Trees of London. This piece, with its unusual shape, is particularly evocative of dappled sunlight shining through its foliage.


Lot 11

Pandora's Jar I by Cathryn Shilling

This piece depicts the Greek myth of Pandora, the first woman created by the gods to punish mankind for Prometheus' theft of fire. Sent to Earth with a jar containing all the world's evils, Pandora unwittingly unleashed pain and suffering onto humanity when she opened it.  


Lot 25

Indigo Small Ammonite by Peter Layton

This polished ammonite is the playful fantasy of an inveterate beachcomber, in which joyful memories of forays along the Jurassic coastline jostle and combine with others, such as haggling with fossil merchants in the colourful souks of Marrakech. 


Our Winter Silent Auction is an invitation to own a piece of our heritage, with each item carrying a timeless story. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire something truly exceptional at an irresistible price. 

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to bid on these extraordinary pieces – because this Silent Auction promises to be a highlight of the year.


Written by Abi Pooley and Isabel Gilchrist

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