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Ruth Shelley

"exploring colour, tone and form..."

 Meet Ruth Shelley Image

Meet Ruth Shelley

Ruth grew up in a mountainous area of Mid Wales, where she was surrounded by inspiring landscapes which in turn developed her love of colour. She studied Woven Textiles at the Dyfed College of Art, after which she started her own knitting business before spending a couple of years travelling India and South East Asia, researching colour and collecting interesting textiles.

On her return she transferred her ideas regarding pattern and colour to glass and immediately fell in love with the medium. She attended many masterclasses in Swansea Metropolitan University well as North Lands Creative Glass, Lybster and Bullseye Resource Centre, Portland, Oregon, USA. These enabled her to develop and experiment with shape, form and colour. Especially important to her current work were those on in ‘Colour and Texture’ with Textile artist, Kaffe Fassett, and glass artist, Steve Klein; and ‘Colour Lab’ with Nathan Sandberg.

Ruth Shelley was featured in the 2017 British Glass Biennale.

About The Work

Ruth creates kiln-formed vessels made using the ‘drop out’ method. She cuts multiple strips of glass and arranges them in complex layers and patterns which are fused into a flat sheet. The sheet is then suspended in a kiln on an open mould. Through controlled heat the glass becomes fluid and gravity stretches it to the floor of the kiln. It is then cut, polished and sandblasted to produce the finished vessel.

Having always loved travelling, Ruth enjoys the constant exposure to new sources of inspiration which ignite her imagination. She observes the balance of colour, tones and hues of nature and matching colours from a man-made palette to what she sees around her needs extensive experimentation. When she returns to her studio, Ruth makes samples, layering transparent and opaque colours, to get them as true to nature as possible. She then plans her vessels choosing colour, hues and tone through lines, stripes, and blocks, to represent the balance of what she has observed in the natural world. The vessels are a travel log of memories and a collaboration of feeling and observation form various parts of the UK, Europe and further afield.

Please enquire for small pieces by Ruth Shelley : gallery@londonglassblowing.co.uk

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