David Reekie

The Visitor II


"Throughout history humankind has had a deep and often mystical relationship with birds. They have been seen as Innocent companions and for tellers of our future. In this series this innocence is questioned. The bird in these pieces has become a symbol for unreliability and mistrust in our society suggestive of how information can be used against us. In each piece you are unsure if the relationship or conversation is all that it seems. Is the bird a passive listener or an agent who will misuse the information being relayed?

The strange little ceramic figurines or found objects I have used have a dark innocence of their own. Although they are mass produced and quickly hand painted in a spontaneous way, they have a quality and colour tone that lends itself well to this body of work." - David Reekie

Lost wax cast glass with found object

H38 x W14 x D17cm



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