Richard Jackson

Observing Eternity III


Richard’s cast glass sculptures begin with impressions, observations and questions. Working with the body of transparent optical glass, the surfaces and internal volumes of a piece bring new visibility to the form. Further working with surface treatments alter the degree of transparency. Mark making of various depth and textures can be rhythmical or gestural - a few calligraphic strokes, or repeating textural notation, all provide a language, layers of information, a history of the piece and its genesis.

As our sciences allow us to look further and further in all directions, exploring the macro as well as the micro aspects of our universe, we need to develop the ability to cohesively understand what this information means to us. The light we observe coming to us from the stars on the other side of the universe is coming to us from the beginning of time, while we are here observing things in the present. We may be starting to gather information from all time, but it also may take an eternity to be able to come to any clear understanding.

Clear optical cast glass, carved

H49 x W44 x D9cm


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