Anthony Scala



The word ‘Auri’ is derived from the Latin word “Aurum’ meaning ‘Gold’.

The ‘Auri’ pieces are an offshoot development from Anthony’s work titled ‘Nobility and the Pretender’. Each of the spherical, blown glass vessels contain a different type of pure gold leaf: red gold, white gold and yellow gold. The spherical nature of the thickly blown vessel forms creates an unusual optical illusion, whereby the gold leaf appears to be suspended at the centre of each sphere by an unseen force. Each vessel is fixed with a second parabolic lens which both encapsulates the contents and provides a magnified image of the gold leaf contained within, thereby tricking the viewer into believing the internal dimensions far exceed the external body of the piece.

Blown and optical glass, with various metal leaf inclusions

From £350 - £1,975

Size 0: approximately 3cm diameter / 0.1kg 
Size 1: approximately 4cm diameter / 0.15kg 
Size 2: approximately 5cm diameter / 0.2 - 0.3kg 
Size 3: approximately 6cm diameter / 0.5kg 
Size 4: approximately 8cm diameter / 0.8 - 1kg
Size 5: approximately 11cm diameter / 1.7 - 2kg
Size 6: approximately 13cm diameter / 3.5kg

These pieces are available to commission, please contact the gallery for more information:

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