7 - 29 October | 2022

VETRO II: Exploring the Venetian Influence was our homage to the extraordinary history, tradition, skill and invention of the Muranese glassmakers.

London Glassblowing held an exhibition in 2014 called VETRO which was a resounding success. To follow this, we hosted a second show in 2022 and challenged seventeen of the most innovative glassmakers to make new work inspired by this theme which will also include some exciting collaborations including internationally renowned artists David Patchen and James Devereux. The purpose was not to copy, rather to take inspiration from some aspect of Venetian practice and reinterpret this into a new body of work.

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Liam Reeves, demonstrated his incredible skill in reticello at the furnace. He was joined by Tim Rawlinson, who asked questions about his creative techniques and artistic inspiration.

Having recently joined the London Glassblowing team, Liam is an internationally renowned artist with a passion for investigating pivotal techniques from glassblowings rich history. He has widely demonstrated his techniques for public events and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. This online event is definitely not one to be missed!

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We held an online exhibition tour as part of our VETRO II exhibition. This online event, hosted by Tim Rawlinson, will guide you through a number of exclusive artworks in the gallery.

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Exhibiting artists:

Balázs Telegdi • Bruce Marks • Cathryn Shilling • Charlott Rodgers • David Patchen • Devereux & Patchen • Enemark & Thompson • James Devereux • Laura McKinley • Laura Quinn • Layne Rowe • Liam Reeves • Peter Layton • Sarah Wiberley • Scala & Reeves • Scott Benefield • Sila Yucel • Stephen Foster • Tim Rawlinson



Scala & Reeves

Peter Layton

David Patchen

Laura Quinn

Tim Rawlinson