Collect at Somerset House | 3-5 March 2023

London Glassblowing had a big announcement for 2023, we exhibited at Collect at Somerset House for the first time in three years. Collect is an international art fair and is one of the world’s most influential fairs focusing on contemporary art and design

Collect is an opportunity for a specially curated selection of our artists to present their best work, making it a staple of any art enthusiast’s annual calendar. 2023 was no exception, with talented glass makers such as Colin Reid, Nina Casson McGarva, Elliot Walker, David Patchen and of course Peter Layton, showcasing exceptional new pieces for this special exhibition.

In addition to featuring some of the glass sector’s most esteemed makers, the established art show also provided a platform for rising stars to demonstrate their incredible creativity and skill. We were proud to present Sila Yucel, a promising resident glass maker here at London Glassblowing, alongside Kate Pasvol and David Patchen, who’s work had not been seen at Collect, Somerset House before. All three of these artists injected fresh excitement into the exhibition.


Exhibiting Artists

Peter Layton · Bruce Marks · Colin Reid · David Patchen · Elliot Walker · Kate Pasvol · Layne Rowe · Liam Reeves · Louis Thompson · Nina Casson McGarva · Richard Jackson · Sila Yucel · Tim Rawlinson