Scala & Shilling

Loki’s Feast


Scala and Shilling’s artwork for Planet Earth references Norse mythology. The Norse gods were not immortal, to remain young and healthy they relied on the weekly gift of a magic apple from the goddess of spring and rejuvenation, Iduna. Loki, the trickster and troublemaker god, used his cunning to end an argument with the giant Thjasse enabling him to kidnap Iduna along with her basket of apples and take her to the realm of the giants. Without Iduna’s apples the gods quickly began to age, even Loki.

After admitting his part in Iduna’s abduction, Loki was forced to bring her home or lose his life. As Iduna fed her apples to the withered and toothless gods, slowly restoring their youth, Loki could only watch.

Kilnformed, hotsculpted and lampworked glass on a gilded kiln fired wood

H44 x W44 x D20cm


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