Tim Rawlinson

Inner World (Jupiter)


Tim's artworks converge light, glass, and creativity to evoke great fascination. His work pushes boundaries and invites the viewer to contemplate the ethereal nature of light. Tim creates highly polished surfaces to manipulate and utilise the enchanting interplay between glass and light. The captivating dance of light through glass becomes the driving force behind Tim’s artistic expression.

His recent developments have led him to experiment with reactive pigments and powders, infusing his works with a painterly texture. Inspired by the mesmerising liquid light projections popular in the 1960s, he employs ink and oils floating on water's surface to create dynamic movements within the colours. Using a small metal hook-like tool, Tim distorts the powdered glass colours while the material is still molten, akin to marbling techniques found in textile.

Freeblown glass, cut and polished

H19 x W20 x D17cm


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