Laura McKinley

Imagine X


These works are inspired by the imagination of children, a small object held in a child's hand can become a car, skyscraper, or even a planet. Laura’s interest in play and the inviting qualities of glass are strong motifs throughout her work. Using hot glass she is directly contradicting the fragile material in which the objects are created by inviting engagement and interaction, at the same time, exploring form, texture and the illusion of space, evoking a childlike intrigue.

“These minimal objects come together in various ways to create narratives imagined by the viewer. My decision making in how to place these objects is not only for aesthetics reasons. Physically balancing pieces together gives the appearance of a game in play. My large scale objects often have an ambiguous and curious nature.”

Freeblown and hotsculpted glass, cut and polished

A group of 5 pieces

H18 x W29 x D24cm


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