Tim Rawlinson

Fabrica Platters

Price On Request

Tim's new Fabrica platters are inspired by Caravaggio's ingenious use of Chiaroscuro - an Italian term that literally means 'light-dark'. In paintings, the description refers to clear tonal contrasts, which are often used to suggest the volume of modelling of the subjects depicted. This is clearly showcased in the dramatic pirouetting of colour in Tim's latest creations, emphasised by the natural shine of the glass.

Recognised for his realism, Caravaggio's quick and loose brushstrokes mean he is able to capture the intricacy of folded fabric - a technique that Tim has translated into glass. Through manipulating and twisting the glass while on the blowing iron, and exaggerating the natural frill of the rim, Tim has seized the spontaneous movement of fabric in his platters.

Freeblown glass with bespoke wall fitting

Dimensions vary from 40cm diameter, please contact the gallery for more information

Priced from £1,300 to £1,800

Enquire to purchase