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Time Traveller, Revisiting and reimagining favourite series.

6 August – 4 September

Time Travelling – a neat conceit!

But what time are we talking about?

Could it be the time that elapses from the spark of an idea to achieving some degree of resolution?

Is it the time it takes for me to develop a series, or to make an individual piece with all the thoughts and memories that accompany this?

Revisiting and re-invigorating a series, allows the intervening weeks, months, even years to slip away, to vanish in the course of its evolution from one mode of expression to another.      

Some years ago, thinking about our human condition, I made a sculptural piece comprising hourglasses with a variety of contents, entitled ‘Running Out!’. It alluded, among other things, to a dearth of trust, respect, charity, ecological concern and most obviously to time. These are all current, evermore alarming, and pressing issues.



From The Archives: Running Out – Peter Layton


The title of this show refers to my attempt to bridge the intervals from the spark of an idea to achieving some satisfactory resolution of it. Naturally that involves entirely subjective decisions throughout the process, to recapitulate, and refine a theme – going back to my archive, in order to move forward.

For example, following a trip to Japan, there was a period of several years, when I worked solely in black and white, exploring a variety of approaches. At that time the majority of my pieces were etched to a matte finish, resulting in series such as Kimono and Glacier. This is one of the themes I have returned to for this exhibition and which I am enjoying anew. 


TT Banner 3

First Look: Frozen Landscape, Group of 3 – Peter Layton


From The Archives: Glacier, Group of 5 – Peter Layton


Similarly, a trip to Petra, an extraordinary Nabatean city hewn from sedimentary rock, provided the inspiration for Mirage. My reimagining of desert landscapes has given rise to New Mirage and another version called Dune.  Creating the skies has been a challenge, but a thoroughly satisfying one.


TT Banner 1

First Look: New Mirage group – Peter Layton


Mirage Stone Form Front view

From The Archives: Mirage Stoneform – Peter Layton



First Look: Dune Medium Tall Stoneform – Peter Layton


Beachcombing has been a life-long preoccupation and joy. These new Ammonites and Cones, which have been inspired by visits to the Jurassic coast, are intended to convey the sense of excitement and fun of these experiences. 


First Look: Jurassic, Group of 8 - Peter Layton

First Look: Jurassic, Group of 5 – Peter Layton


In the beginning, there is glass in a fluid/liquid state, and later there is a tangible object to be exposed and judged – not least by me! Making something (out of nothing) takes time, effort, vision and perhaps even a degree of courage.  


Peter Layton


Time Traveller launches on Friday 6 August 2021, both online and in our Bermondsey Street gallery. 

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