Sophie Layton

Tokyo Crossing & London Bridge


This series is based on a series of 10 prints made by Sophie in 2016. She composed brightly coloured shapes which dance around photographic imagery. The series of 10 prints each depict photos of different landmarks around London Bridge - The Shard and newly built train station being the most notable of buildings. 

Sophie has revisited her SE1 series and developed it onto glass objects. ‘I am using the very same photographs I took, manipulated and used in my prints 7 years ago. This time however I’m working with ceramic transfers and firing these photographic images onto the glass. I am combining this with enamel glass paint to create my flat coloured shapes’. - Sophie Layton 

Freeblown glass with photographic transfer, enamel paint and sandblasting

H34 x W16 x D10cm


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