Meet Lola Lazaro Hinks:

Lola Lazaro Hinks is a London-based glass artist and photographer. She graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art Photography and from the Royal College of Art in 2018 with a MA in Ceramics and Glass.

Heavily influenced by her photographic background, Lola’s glass work explores how objects play with vision and visuality. She is especially interested in how humanity ascribes meaning to material; material is not neutral but a way to symbolise narratives of identity within society. Lola focuses on the transparent and opaque qualities of glass and is deeply influenced by the phenomenology of architectural spaces, the embodiment of the visual sense and relations between public and private space.

About the Work: 

Lola explores that which appears invisible to our perception. Glass directly engages with our visual perception, altering the way we interact with the external world. This is used within many fields to hone the characteristics of transparency and transmittance; in architecture to create a dialogue between internal and external space, within science to open up worlds otherwise unseen, and in technology, for the transmission of information across distances.

Within her work the material itself is the focus, used in conjunction with space to create an illusionary realm of added dimension. Clear glass and curvature are combined to explore our deepest connection to light and darkness and our relationship to space itself, questioning the way we visually perceive.


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