This is our first blog and what better way to start, than with news about Elliot Walker!

Elliot Walker, winner and star of the Netflix programme, Blown Away 2, was set a challenge by London Glassblowing Studio to create a sculpture in celebration of the incredible work done by our NHS during the Pandemic.

The challenge that London Glassblowing chose, to set Elliot, was
‘Collective Endeavour: In the Face of Adversity’. The added instruction was that this should reference the NHS during the Pandemic.

In front of three cameras and live-streamed to over 1000 people world-wide, Elliot created an especially large spool which was an enormous challenge to make. Members of the gallery team viewing this in person, were invited to hold the blowing iron in order to apply molten coloured glass while it was wound around the spool as it rotated on the glassmaker’s bench.

“The idea of making a spool of thread allowed me not only to reference the various emotional reactions to the pandemic, through the use of colour, but also gave me the opportunity to add an element of performance art into the process. Having each layer added to the spool by a different, and long missed friend, gave the process the feeling of community and collective endeavour that I feel reflects the past year’s events.
The final addition of the needle to complete the piece also refers to our fervent hope that the vaccination will help to relieve the current, but necessary restrictions we are all living under.” Elliot Walker

It takes an incredibly rare talent to envisage something of this calibre and only a sculpting virtuoso like Elliot to be able to make them, as these glass sculptures are really complex and extremely difficult to make.

We're delighted that Elliot has made three limited edition versions of Threads, which are available to purchase exclusively through London Glassblowing.

Limited Edition pieces

Title: Threads, Turquoise 1 of 25
Dimensions: H12 x W27cm
Price: £1,200

Elliot has provided us with three Limited Edition versions of his creation, which he has titled Threads.

Each of the three editions has a different colourway with its own circular glass base and each version will be an edition of only 25.

Elliot will sign, title, and inscribe the edition number on every stunning sculpture.

Auction Pieces
To be launched on 5th July - on the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the NHS

Title: The Threads Connecting Us
Dimensions: H18 x W45cm

Elliot Walker, star and winner of the Netflix Blown Away Series II, has created two glass sculptures to auction to raise funds for the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation. This serves as a thank you for the extraordinary effort and sacrifice made on our behalf, by healthcare workers in all of the capacities they worked in during the Pandemic.

Elliot has made two pieces titled The Threads Connecting Us. They measure approximately 40cm high and 15cm wide. The glass needle is separate.

Both will be auctioned on the 5th July, on our website, with a reserve price of £2,700.

50% of the Auction proceeds will be donated to the Healthcare Workers' Foundation

“I have chosen to support the Healthcare Workers' Foundation with the sale of these two special editions of this sculpture, and I think the reasons for this are obvious to everyone, but as especially important to me as my mother has been involved in the administration of the vaccine rollout by the NHS this year!” Elliot Walker

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