Sculpting Light - A solo exhibition by Tim Rawlinson

15 September - 8 October


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We’re excited to present a new body of work by our very own, Tim Rawlinson, for his solo exhibition, Sculpting Light. For this show, Tim has redeveloped his ongoing series, Echoes of Light, drawing inspiration from Barbara Hepworth's renowned exhibition, Art & Life, in St Ives. Tim’s exploration of Hepworth's sculptures, particularly the interplay of negative space, has sparked the idea to embrace more organic and oval forms.

A solo show of this scale by one artist shows immense creativity, diversity and dedication. Alongside his recognisable series and exciting new developments, Tim will be debuting a brand new and unseen selection of wall panels. Tim's stunning new artworks converge light, glass and creativity to evoke great fascination. His work pushes boundaries and invites you to contemplate the ethereal nature of light.