16th September - 8th October 2016


London Glassblowing is known for its extensive use of colour but in September 2016 our gallery was transformed when we hosted Black to White & Back Again, a juried exhibition of stunning work from a diverse range of artists. In collaboration with the Contemporary Glass Society, we set a challenge to make sculptural, decorative or functional glass objects in black, white, clear or any shade of grey in between - and no cheeky bits of colour.

More than 160 artists submitted their best work for the show and fifty-five artists were selected by the jury, some from as far afield as New Zealand, Israel and Canada.

"This is going to be an excellent and unusual show and I am very much looking forward to seeing it in our gallery." - Peter Layton

"The final selection is international, the work uses wide-ranging approaches and techniques, the subject matter is hugely diverse and the artists represented range from acknowledged masters to recent graduates." - Julia Stephenson, chair of the Contemporary Glass Society

The selected artists are:

Philippa Beveridge, Catherine Brown, Effie Burns, Nicholas Collins, Robin Crawford, Róisín De Buitléar, James Devereux, Montserrat Duran Muntadas, Helen Eastham, Fiaz Elson, Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson, Dominic Fondé, Stephen Foster, Harvey Goodall, Joseph Harrington, Louise Hawkins, Stewart Hearn, Catherine Hough, Katherine Huskie, Angela Jarman, Julie Johnson, Amber King, Alison Kinnaird M.B.E., Jon Lewis, Alison Lowry, Bruce Marks, James Maskrey, Elizabeth McClure, Laura McKinley, Tracy Nicholls, Yoshiko Okada, Jochen Ott, Alexander Pearce, Jade Pinnell, Tim Rawlinson, David Reekie, Liam Reeves, Colin Reid, Mare Saare, Anthony Scala & Cathryn Shilling, Boris Shpeizman, Paul Stopler, Nancy Sutcliffe, Angela Thwaites, Jean-Simon Trottier, Elliot Walker, Clare Wilson, Emma Woffenden, Jeff Zimmer

Roisin de Buitlier, Needle Run

Philippa Beveridge, The Four Cardinals

Alison Lowry, As The Night Follows The Day

Stewart Hearn, Ely Chandelier

Jon Lewis, Distant Electric Vision 1 and 2

Elliot Walker, White Noise and Static

James Maskrey, The Last of the Silver Darlings

Angela Thwaites