Online Yard Sale : 28 April - 5 May

Our Glass Makers' Yard Sale was back for spring! If you missed the event you can shop the catalogue here

Calling all glass enthusiasts! Seize this opportunity to acquire artworks from the renowned Peter Layton. After a massive spring clean, he's parted with more of his creative glass treasures.

Rummage through the virtual trove and let the thrilling hunt for your next prized piece begin. This is a separate online selection to our physical yard sale and you can join the excitement from anywhere. Don't let these unique artworks slip away – the online yard sale is open now!

Peter Layton crafts his creative visions directly onto the molten glass, using the blowing iron as his artistic tool and sketchpad and many of these pieces are kept aside for our sales.

These brilliant glassblowing artefacts don't make it into the main collections but are stunning one-of-a-kind gems just waiting to be snapped up. From beautiful happy accidents to innovative trial works, you'll find an eclectic array of irresistible glass pieces.