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Sophie Layton

"Taking inspiration from her prints and applying her superb draughtsmanship to working three-dimensionally"

 Meet the Artist Image

Meet the Artist

Sophie graduated from Brighton University in 2009. Predominantly a print maker,  she was awarded a residency at London Metropolitan University and later at the Scuola di Graphica in Venice. Her dynamic artworks have been exhibited internationally in such places as China, Italy and London.

As of 2020, Sophie has been venturing into the world of glass, translating her prints into the molten form. She has recently exhibited with her father, Peter Layton, in his 2020 ‘Evolution’ show.

About the Work

Sophie’s prints form a fantastic starting point when developing her ideas for glass.  In turn glass is changing the nature of her printmaking.

‘It is very exciting to have both 2D and 3D creative practices which are becoming circular, informing each other. A painter’s canvas starts off white, but glass can be opaque, white or a variety of shapes, smooth or shiny, textured or matte. It can also be transparent and can create magnifying effects and can be viewed from 360 degrees.  My brain boggles from the myriad choices to explore. This is just the start!’

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