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layne rowe

"Complex, intricate and skilful..."

 meet layne rowe Image

meet layne rowe

Layne Rowe is an extremely gifted and experienced glass artist who has worked with Peter Layton for over 15 years, during which his approach to colour, form and surface pattern has evolved radically.

His current preoccupation, inspired by the Devon coastline, has been evolving for several years, and is what he calls his ‘Woven Forms’. This series of work is a result of intricate layering of different pre-made coloured canes around a molten form that is twisted and, when cold, cut into with a diamond wheel, to reveal vibrant colours beneath the surface.

The effect is like water over precious stones or the rock with its glimmering colours beneath reflecting natural growth and corrosion.

The resulting pattern and texture of the pieces has an extraordinary complexity that demands the close attention of discerning viewers to discover the hidden secrets and subtle delicacy of their intricate detail.

‘I enjoy observing people’s reactions to my work, everything is up for interpretation, my work is diverse and complex and sometimes subversive. It invites you to look again and again.’

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Layne’s journey in glass began in 1994 during his degree course in 3D design at the University of Central Lancashire.

On graduating he worked at London Glassblowing for a number of years before moving to Brazil.  Whilst there he set up a glass studio and another in Hertfordshire before rejoining Peter Layton at the Leathermarket.  He has worked at London Glassblowing for over sixteen years ‘on and off’.

Layne’s work has been widely exhibited around the world, notably in the V&A’s ‘Power of Making’ exhibition and at Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in 2013 and 2014.  During 2014 he showed alongside Grayson Perry and Alexander McQueen in “Subversive Design”, at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

In 2015 Layne won the Design Award Bavarian State Prize in the category for cane overlay technique.

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