Meet Marta Edöcs

Marta Edöcs is a Hungarian glass artist and designer who worked on architectural commissions for many years before switching to gallery works. Beside design objects she is creating glass panels with her invented pattern that she has named CELLelement. She has been showing her work around the world and is teaching not only kiln glass techniques but also on bead making and silver jewellery. 

About The Work

Edöcs started to make glass beads as a treat for herself, but then took it more seriously and became internationally known for her jewellery designs. She lampworks her glass bead and other glass elements are cast in the kiln. She is interested in shapes, surfaces and messages conveyed in the pieces, rather than on the typical shiny surface of glass. This is why she grinds, coldworks the glass before combining it with silver. Her series, titled Floral, is inspired by nature, while a later series, Out of Time, is her answer to the time related to Covid. She is searching for harmony and capturing memories and moods. Each piece is a unique organic wearable art object.