Meet Alison Lowry

Alison Lowry is a significant pate de verre and cast glass artist working in Ireland. However it was not until the birth of her first child that she decided to go back to university as a mature student to study Art. 

Since graduating in 2009 from the University of Ulster with a First Class Honours degree in Art and Design, she has won numerous awards, including the Bronze Award at Bullseye Glass’ ‘Emerge’ Exhibition is 2016 and was highly commended for ‘(A)Dressing our hidden truths’ by Global Fine Art Awards in 2019. Alison exhibits both locally and internationally and her work is held in several public collections.

About The Work 

Alison is interested in textiles and clothing. To her, fabric preserves the essence of its maker; traces of the wearer become entwined with the warp and weft, allowing physical objects to become containers for memory. She is also pursuing the subject of memory, examining where memory comes from within our brains. She is specifically interested in traumatic memory, and how these memories are ‘burnt’ into the brain, effectively condemning the subject to a life of reliving and repeating parts of the original trauma.

She says glass, with its perceived fragility, yet apparent strength, is the perfect material to express such notions. 


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