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Liam Reeves

"exploring the evolution of technological progression..."

 Meet Liam Reeves Image

Meet Liam Reeves

“Working exclusively with blown glass, I utilise advanced techniques developed during the medium’s two millennia of rich history. I learn, practice and adapt these methods in order to explore themes and ideas informed by my own experience… An experience influenced in no small way by the evolution of technological progression.

A particular inspiration has been the techniques of the “Golden Age” of Venetian glassmaking (15th- 18th centuries). A period that involved the fastest development of glassmaking skill in history, necessitated by the Venetian economic dependence on a continuing domination of the market for exquisite glass objects. Goblet-making, canework (including “vetro a reticello”) and the combination of prefabricated elements were all developed during this time and all feature strongly in my work.

I utilise these techniques to evoke a complexity in the relationship between pattern and form usually only achievable through the use of computer aided design. I hope to create a link between past and the future of creative expression through the medium of glassblowing.”

– Liam Reeves

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Liam Reeves has been making glass professionally since 1998 when he graduated from Middlesex University with a BA (Hons) in three-dimensional design. During this time he has honed his skills whilst working in the glass industry for some of the best glassmakers in the UK. He is currently a hot-glass technician at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London whilst remaining a freelance glassbower and artist in his own right.

While at the RCA Liam discovered a passion for investigating pivotal techniques from glassblowing’s two-millenia of rich history. From the mould blowing of ancient Rome to the complex goblet-making techniques of Renaissance Venice and on to the finesse of factory manufactured glass after the Industrial revolution.

Liam has demonstrated these techniques widely for public events and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. He also lectures and demonstrates at universities across the UK.

In 2009 Liam studied for an MA at the RCA in order to explore the creative possibilities of the medium of glassblowing. A large part of these studies took the form of an investigation into ways in which the historical techniques that he found so inspiring could be put into a contemporary context.

Since graduating, Liam has shown work internationally – most recently in “UK Glass” at the Glazenhuis in Belgium, “Beyond” at Maison & Objet in Paris, last year at “Design Days Dubai” in Suadi Arabia and “Modern Masters” at the Munich international trade fair in Germany.

He has won several prizes including The RCA Charlotte Fraser Award, The CG Glass prizes at New Designers and Best of the Best at Art in Action.

Liam is often called upon by organisations to commission pieces for events of various kinds. He played a large part in the development of Wendy Ramshaw’s exhibition “A Journey Through Glass” at the Scottish Gallery, produced a trophy for the Critics Circle Excellence Award and has recently been commissioned to supply the trophies for Art in Action’s Best of the Best award for the next three years.

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