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Elliot Walker

"Defying convention & twisting perception"

Elliot Walker

 meet elliot walker Image

meet elliot walker

Highly talented glassmaker, Elliot Walker, has worked in the London Glassblowing studio since graduating with a Masters in Applied Arts from Wolverhampton University.

He has exhibited widely throughout the UK and his work is collected internationally.

Elliot is one of the participants and winner in the Netflix Programme Blown Away Series 2, launched on 22 January 2021.


Read more about Netflix winner, Elliot Walker in our first blog post here.

About the Work

Elliot is one of a handful of glassblowers who focus on sculpting molten glass, an extremely challenging and intense experience that demands consummate skill, dexterity and speed working at extremely high temperatures.

He takes inspiration from an eclectic range of sources including the magnificent ‘Still Lives’ by the great masters of the Flemish and Dutch Schools of painting. His versatility and inventiveness place him firmly among the most accomplished of glass artists working in hot glass today.

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