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Evocative objects conveying a deeper message


about this series

Over the years ecological concerns have loomed large in Peter Layton’s work.  In the late 1960’s he exhibited a group of large multi media installations entitled ‘Please keep off the Grass’ and he continues to be preoccupied by these ever more pressing issues.  

Pyramidal forms occur as crystalline structures in nature and for millennia they have also possessed significant symbolic value.   In Peter’s work they have recurred in various contexts and with diverse forms of expression.  One impressive example is a glass sculpture over two metres high made from glass bars laid log cabin style that Peter made at the 1988 Czech Glass Triennale – affectionately dubbed the ‘Olympics of the Glass World’.  

Current versions are different.  Small and compact, solid forms are manipulated in molten coloured glass and are cut and polished when cold to reveal complex and convoluted interiors which contrast with their polished reflective exterior surfaces.  The most recent of these have then also been kilncast, with help and encouragement from Tim Rawlinson to achieve exquisite internal veiling; a smoky diffusion of delicate colour. 

‘How can we draw attention to the worst crisis in human history – that of climate change? Could small, evocative objects have the power to convey a deeper message? Icecaps, Lava and Atlantis are intended as subtle reminders of the risks we are taking with our precious future.’ – Peter Layton

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