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Inspired by London Glassblowing's

adopted Orangutan

Following a trip to Borneo in 2018, Peter and Ann support Sara Fell and Nigel Hicks who run the charity, OVAID, supporting orangutan conservation. Sara is a glass artist whose amazing jewellery/vessels we show here in our gallery. She is married to vet, Nigel Hicks. For the past nine years they have devoted several months each year to orangutan rehabilitation in Borneo and they now raise funds to provide much needed veterinary equipment. We are totally inspired by their commitment and extraordinary generosity in giving their time, energy and personal funding to this mission.

‘We love the Gito series, it’s totally magical how Peter has captured the flash of auburn travelling through the rainforest canopy. They are stunning pieces which truly represent orangutans’ peaceful presence and majestic movement. Thank you all so very much.’ Sara Fell, OVAID.

20% of the money raised by the sale of these pieces will be donated to OVAID, the charity set up by Nigel and Sara.

For more information about this organisation, please visit www.ovaid.org

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