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  • black_burano_peter_layton_03_photoestersegarra
  • Red Burano Pair
  • Burano White


exquisite reticello-like effects across elegant and sophisticated shapes

about this series

In 2014, Peter challenged the team to explore the influence of Venetian technique in their own work for an exhibition titled ‘VETRO: Exploring the Venetian Influence’. Peter himself was inspired to work in a variety of new ways, Burano being the result of one particular avenue of exploration. Burano, a neighbouring island to Murano, has a history of lace-making, so for months Peter and his team experimented with reticello-like effects in an effort to create fine lacy qualities. By working within extremely thick, clear sailforms multiple reflected imagery is achieved. Burano is fast becoming one of Peter’s most-admired series and is one which, due to the demanding nature of the lengthy process involved, is extremely difficult to perfect.


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