Theo Brooks

Ritual Gathering Mask, Starburst


Theo Brooks' sculptures are from a series called ‘Ritual Relations’, which explores ancient Cypriot cultural rituals, investigating the uses and creation of artefacts found in Cyprus during the Bronze Age. The artefacts tell the stories of cult ritual gatherings in ancient Cyprus and their importance in Cypriot history. These rituals were believed to pay tribute to the ‘Ingot God’ or ‘Horned deity'.

A lot of the rituals involved masking ceremonies, where participants would wear ceramic and bucranium masks. The masks allowed them to take on a persona to either be an intermediary with the god, or to be spiritually closer to them. These sculptures are contemporary reflections and reinventions of the artefacts which aim to promote Cypriot arts and culture.

Hotsculpted, blown and lathe cut glass with 3D printed PLA and fabricated steel

H190 x W50 x D50cm

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