David Reekie

Marionette III


"I use the human figure to create a narrative and a sense of theatre in my work, this has directed my themes and ideas over many years.  It is always good to have a reason to think through a new idea leading to a body of work. The Bodytalk exhibition in Ebeltoft Denmark gave me the inspiration for this series, Marionettes.

Using the notion of manipulation in society, my imagination has drawn me to the idea of a genderless figure, seemingly free but held by rods that emanate from the figure’s body. This poses the question, are these ties that can be broken or is the figure the prisoner of a manipulated destiny?

We are pushed and pulled by a society that has elements within it that want to control us and pull us in directions for their own benefit. These pieces will explore the idea of us as puppets and pawns and how we choose to deal with these pressures." - David Reekie

Lost wax cast glass

H55 x W44 x D18cm

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