Laura Quinn

Lamella I


For this exhibition, Laura Quinn explores the significance of the Summer Solstice by examining the absence of light. Her Lamella series draws inspiration from the gills of fungi, symbolising growth and rebirth during the darkest period of the year. These pieces serve as a poignant reminder that light cannot exist without darkness.

The Lamella series marks an innovative venture for Laura. She utilises water jet cutting to intricately carve patterns reminiscent of fungi gills. Beginning with hand-drawn designs, these patterns are then converted into digital files readable by the water jet cutter. The resulting cut designs are applied to the hotsculpted glass base, creating a sense of movement and flow across the piece. This technique enhances the optics, celebrating the interplay of darkness and light with stunning visual effects.

Water jet cut and hotsculpted glass, sandblasted

H7 x W26 x D24cm


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