• Louis_Thompson_Sailed_on_a_river_crystal_light_into_a_sea_of_dew_2016_Salisbury_Cathedral_photoby_Ash_Mills_04
  • Louis_Thompson_Sailed_on_a_river_crystal_light_into_a_sea_of_dew_2016_Salisbury_Cathedral_photoby_Ash_Mills_03
  • Louis_Thompson_Sailed_on_a_river_crystal_light_into_a_sea_of_dew_2016_Salisbury_Cathedral_photoby_Ash_Mills_02
  • Louis_Thompson_Sailed_on_a_river_crystal_light_into_a_sea_of_dew_2016_Salisbury_Cathedral_photoby_Ash_Mills_01

Sailed on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew

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Sailed on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew by Louis Thompson was on display at Salisbury Cathedral during their 2016 exhibition, Reflection. Components of the piece have been reassembled by Louis in his new Orbitals pieces.

Hot sculpted glass

165 cm x 107 cm x 980 cm

Photography by Ash Mills

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