• LHPAO01 – Phalaenopsis Appaloosa Orchid – Laura Hart

Phalaenopsis Appaloosa Orchid



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“I begin by creating 2D templates of each petal using an HD image and computer aided design software. Every orchid is different, so they all need several overlaid hand-cut stencils to create the layers of colour. Each glass petal is cut, edge ground and polished separately before glass powders and frits are applied. 3D details are cut and ground from sheet glass and applied in situ to the lip petals and re-fired.

Once all the detail and colour is applied to each petal they are cold worked at the point where all the petals meet, then fused together. Finally, the flower is placed on the mould and fired to slump position. The flowers are then sandblasted to create the satin sheen. Each flower can take up to ten days to create.” – Laura Hart 

Fused and kilnformed glass on lighting panel


Dimensions H40 x W40 x D14cm

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