• NS45 01 – Octopus – Nancy Sutcliffe
  • NS45 01 – Octopus (dark) – Nancy Sutcliffe
  • NS45 01 – Octopus tentacles – Nancy Sutcliffe
  • NS45 01 – Octopus(dark)Close up – Nancy Sutcliffe




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Optical glass with platinum leaf (with base)

“I am captivated by the ever-shifting form of this wonderful sinuous creature. This animal is intelligent and emotional and demonstrates just how little we really know about the creatures who share our planet. Its skin is able to shimmer and flash or turn into the perfect camouflage in seconds and that is the inspiration for this piece. The platinum gilding responds to light and can change from dark to bright white depending on the viewpoint or the position of the glass.” – Nancy Sutcliffe

This solid optical glass cube has been engraved by hand with diamonds and stones and gilded with pure platinum leaf. The reflections and refractions which are the magical part of optical glass give a sense of movement in the piece and the detailed engraving is enhanced by the dark plinth beneath. 

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions H10 x W10 x D10cm

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