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Mirage Large Wide Stoneform



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About This Series

Many years ago Peter visited Petra in Jordan. He was totally captivated by what he saw and determined to try to capture in glass, the extraordinary visual qualities of this prehistoric city hewn from sedimentary rock in the middle of the desert by the Nabateans. The challenges were enormous: how to achieve the right dusty sky and the muted golds of the ground, but most tricky of all was to interpret the black and red layers of sedimentary rock. He thoroughly enjoys it when customers viewing Mirage recognise and are transported to other distant environments such as Namibia, Australia and Sedona, as well as to ploughed red fields in central France.

About This Piece

Peter’s thoughts on this piece are that it has an almost oriental feel to it – most unexpected in a Mirage which is inspired by Petra! This has to do with its oval form and the echoing curve of the sky; and the way in which on one side the furrows spread across the landscape and contain a windswept section while on the other they converge in a maelstrom.

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 6 x 28 x 19 cm

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