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Medium Green Paradiso Stoneform


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About this series

The Paradiso series represents a painterly and sculptural approach to vessel making in which the flattened forms become the canvas for strong gestural mark making in vivid colour. In part inspired by the paintings of Hockney and Hodgkin this series was featured in The Financial Times ‘How to Spend it’, and is one of Peter Layton’s flagship series. The serenity of the ocean green backdrop is punctuated by the addition of bold, opaque colours. Bands of red, peach, and gold are woven together to form the basis of complex pattern work. No two patterns are ever the same as his free, sculptural approach to vessel making ensures each piece takes on a life of its own.

About this piece

I particularly like the highlighted areas on the edges of colour in this piece, says Peter, these lighter greens are created by a reaction between the overlapping colours; serendipity at its most pleasing.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 8 x 15 x 24 cm

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