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Meconopsis Medium Flared Vase



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About this series

“Some years ago a customer, watching me making my poppies, introduced me to the gorgeous Himalayan variety, Meconopsis. Last year, as I became besotted with the colour blue while working on the latest versions of another series, I decided to explore the possibilities of developing a blue poppy. There are a lot of details to get right in each one – the centres, the colour fading, the veining and of course the form.” – Peter Layton These vibrant, yet delicate platters convey the flowers rustling in a warm breeze and busily patterned centres contrasting with the soothing blue of the outer petals.

About this piece

Taking the Meconopsis series to new heights, Peter has created a vase with an elegant open shape. This form shows off the edge of the piece to a new advantage, while the white trails of the detail add gestural depth.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 x 24 x 33 cm

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