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Large Wave Tall Vase


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The title theme of the 2019 CGS exhibition was ‘Inspired’; the idea was to focus on an object close to one’s heart and to develop work derived from it. I chose Hokusai’s famous ‘Great Wave’ as my source, and explored a variety of forms, colours and techniques in an attempt to interpret the qualities I admire. Among these is a sense of frozen movement which is also an intrinsic element of the process of working with hot glass. As the glass cools it requires crucial decisions in order to capture a particular form, by allowing the glass to freeze in that moment. With the help of my team we have hot sculpted in solid glass a series of sculptural forms, in an attempt to emulate the power, movement and swirling colour of Hokusai’s cresting waves.

Freeblown glass

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions H27 x W14 x D14cm

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