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Entropy Study III

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Year: 2014

Materials/technique: Pulled glass canes and cast concrete.

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About the work

Harry Morgan is interested in the intrinsic symbolism of materials and their inherent ‘personalities’; the idea that we attribute materials with social or cultural identities. His current work explores the conflicting relationship between concrete and glass. Glass, with its unclear borders and internal dimension, conveys the intangible. In sharp contrast, concrete is brutally physical; its name used to describe absolutes and certainties. There is a tension between the fragile, transparent glass and the uncompromising, dense concrete.

Morgan’s process draws inspiration from the long established methods of glassmaking, in particular the traditional Venetian technique, ‘murrini’. Each of the glass threads used in his work is individually pulled by hand from a furnace. They are then arranged into a sequential structure and cast within the concrete, which binds them as one object.

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 40 cm

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