• JDDPWC01 – Blue Web Clovis – Devereux _ Patchen (a)

Blue Web Clovis



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Having first met through social media and at a glass conference in Murano, David Patchen and James Devereux’s unique collaboration didn’t officially begin until 2019 in San Francisco. United in harmony, their collaborative artworks combine Patchen’s patterns and Devereux’s intrinsic forms. Making their first collaborative Clovis sculpture at a fundraising party and their second during a demo to hundreds of people, their relationship has continued during Covid with Patchen shipping pattern blanks from San Francisco to Devereux in the UK. 

Please contact the gallery for more information: gallery@londonglassblowing.co.uk

Hotsculpted glass with murine

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions H87 x W19 x D14cm

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