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A postcard from the Maldives

read updates from Louis Thompson and James Devereux at Soneva Art & glass

Private View, 4 March 2018.

Photo by Soneva Art and Glass, Soneva Fushi.

The gallery at Soneva Fushi

Photo by Soneva Art and Glass, Soneva Fushi.

From the 10th of February to the 4th of March, 2018 London Glassblowing artists Louis Thompson and James Devereux will be working in the Soneva Art & Glass Studio in the Maldives.

Catch up on their residency here with updates and photos from Louis Thompson.

4 March, 2018

So our adventure draws to a close. It’s been the most extraordinary experience. Our third week was spent finalising works, setting up the exhibition and private view, diving and of course enjoying the cuisine. 


We are thrilled with the artworks that we have created here and are now excited about preparing for our Latitude exhibition at the gallery in June. We have put on a few kilos which is to be expected, keeping ourselves hydrated after all this hard work! 


We leave the Maldives with a new set of unforgettable memories. We have forged new friendships, met wonderful people and experienced a most unique environment.

Goodbye Soneva Fushi. Goodbye Maldives. Hopefully we will come back one day. 


26 February, 2018

We have just completed a second week of adventure and discovery here at Soneva Art & Glass. We have managed to work and play very hard indeed! The glass studio continues to be a challenging environment with a constant battle in the intense heat.


The resort has created a wonderful system for recycling. The glass that we are working with from of the furnace once was mass produced bottles.

Our ideas and glassworks are beginning to flourish and we are excited about how the pieces are beginning to take shape. We are starting to think about the final collections of work for our Private View this coming Saturday.


The island is a constant source of wonder. Fruit bats, geckos, lizards, reef sharks, many different species of fish, risso dolphins and a rather scary looking moray eel illustrates the rich diversity of the eco system here. We have had the pleasure of sailing a catamaran with Tobias Mohl (who happened to be here on holiday), a surf and boat trip around the atolls and I have completed my first two open-water scuba dives which were incredible!


We approach our final week with a sense of urgency and excitement as there is still so much to still experience. Island life here has been extraordinary.


16 February, 2018

We arrived six days ago with a little apprehension about what to expect in the Maldives. The second we landed on the island of Soneva Fushi, via two flights and a speedboat, these concerns completely evaporated.

Our hosts have been fantastic and housed us in an incredible villa a stone’s throw away from a beach and ocean whose colours defy belief!

We couldn’t resist a dip as soon as we arrived, so immediately donned our snorkel gear and experienced the diversity of life on the coral reef. The island itself is around ½ km long by a couple of hundred metres wide and is rich in fauna and wildlife. 

Video Shim

The food experience alone has been an amazing one! Beautiful fresh fruit and sushi in abundance with menus from around the world. Although James himself has become a delicacy for the local wildlife.


The Soneva Art & Glass Studio is a unique, creative and very hot environment. (The hottest studio I have certainly worked in!) We are, however, able to plunge into the sea to cool off between pieces! The resident team of Evan, Erin and Neil have been fantastic ensuring that we have all the support we need. 


We have spent the first five days glassmaking, familiarising ourselves with the studio set up and tentatively exploring some new ideas in glass. 

Louis Thompson in the Soneva Hot Shop.

There is still so much to experience and do; the observatory, outdoor cinema, scuba diving, dining experiences, sailing and creating new artworks in glass. The next two weeks promising to be an amazing journey in every possible way. Island life, wonderful! – Louis Thompson

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