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Online Silent Auction 2021 Terms & Conditions

19 March – 5 April


Thank you very much for your support and interest in our annual Silent Auction.

Submit your bid online through the website.

Or by email, stating the lot number and your bid value.   


Preferential Bidding

If you are tempted to bid on multiple pieces, but you don’t have the budget to win them all, simply let us know that you’d like to do ‘preferential bidding’ and we’ll enter your bids one at a time, in order of your preference.


Deadline for Bidding

The deadline for bidding is midnight Monday 5 April 2021


How it works

If you haven’t experienced any of our auctions before, here’s a quick overview:

Each Auction Lot has a Gallery Price (to guide you) and a Reserve Price (the minimum amount you may bid).

The value of the current highest bid is not publicised – that’s why it is ‘silent’!


Winners & Shipping / Collection


Winners will be contacted from Friday 9 April.  Payment can be made as soon as you’re contacted and shipping will be carried out over a two/three week period due to the current circumstances. We have a car park and have a member of staff going into the gallery at regular times, if you’d like to collect the work.

All shipping in the UK will be limited to £20 except in the case of large, heavy or complex pieces.

Shipping to other parts of the world will be calculated accordingly.


Happy bidding!


Full Terms and Conditions:


  • Once a bid is made, it is considered a written contract between the bidder and London Glassblowing to purchase the named work at the stated bid, if this is the highest bid received for the Lot.

  • Payment of winning bids is due within five working days by credit/debit card over the phone or bank transfer. If we have been unable to collect payment after this time, then the Lot will be offered to the next highest bidder.

  • In the event of a tied bid, both bidders will be contacted and given the opportunity to raise their bid.

  • You may submit as many bids as you like, including more than one bid for each Lot, if you decide to raise your bid.

  • If you wish to collect the work from London Glassblowing we will be open during the week for collection – this must be done by appointment.  Parking in our car park for collection can be arranged by email or by phone.

The Lots which are large, heavy or complex are the following :


Lot 2, Lot 6, Lot 10, Lot 12, Lot 13, Lot 14, Lot 16, Lot 20, Lot 23, Lot 24,

Lot 26, Lot 31, Lot 32, Lot 33, Lot 35, Lot 37, Lot 39, Lot 40, Lot 45, 

Lot 47, Lot 51, Lot 53, Lot 57, Lot 61, Lot 62, Lot 63, Lot 68, Lot 65, 

Lot 70, Lot 72, Lot 78, Lot 79, Lot 82, Lot 87, Lot 88, Lot 89, Lot 94, 

Lot 95, Lot 96, Lot 99, Lot 100,  Lot 104, Lot 105, Lot 107, Lot 108, 

Lot 109, Lot 111, Lot 112, Lot 115, Lot 117, Lot 121, Lot 122, Lot 124, 

Lot 127, Lot 129, Lot 130, Lot 133, Lot 145, Lot 146, Lot 149, Lot 150


  • International shipping costs will be payable – please contact us if you would like a quote in advance of placing a bid.

  • London Glassblowing will collate all bids, and the winning bidders will be contacted from the 9 April. Please ensure that you can be reached on the contact number you provide.

  • The deadline for online bidding via email is 23:59 GMT on Monday 5 April 2021

  • Any unsold Lots will be available for sale at their reserve price from Tuesday 6th April until 18th April


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The Gallery reopens this Thursday

Our current opening hours are Thursday – Saturday, from 11am – 5pm.