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Peter Layton & The National Gallery

interpreting the dutch painter's masterpiece

Sunflowers Launch at The National Gallery

25.05.17 - 30.06.17

Although blown glass has traditionally been cheap and expendable this is no longer the case!  It has become a collectible ‘new’ art medium expressing both painterly and sculptural qualities.  Thanks to a number of commissions, Peter Layton, one of the grand masters of British Studio Glass, has in recent times enjoyed the challenges of attempting to capture in glass, the essence of great paintings.  These are not intended as copies rather accessible art works in their own right.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is among the most iconic paintings in the world and Peter Layton’s new Sunflower series is the third successful collaboration with the National Gallery.  Others being Van Gogh’s Wheatfields and Monet’s Lily Pond.  To celebrate this new series in this, Peter’s 80th year, (making him one of the world’s oldest working glass artists), the National Gallery, to his great delight, is hosting a showcase of both Sunflowers and Lily Pond from the 25th of May. 

The new series are on display at Annenberg Court shop windows at the National Gallery until 30 June, 2017 and in the gallery at London Glassblowing.

The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square

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